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Here's what I've been up to lately~


Nights Sky by Neonunderground Nights Sky :iconneonunderground:Neonunderground 8 2 Mermaren NiGHTS by Mayurasan Mermaren NiGHTS :iconmayurasan:Mayurasan 23 10 Kirby Sticker Set by BonbonBox Kirby Sticker Set :iconbonbonbox:BonbonBox 131 13 Cupid Kirby Love by BonbonBox Cupid Kirby Love :iconbonbonbox:BonbonBox 87 16 Doodle a Day - 106 by BonbonBox Doodle a Day - 106 :iconbonbonbox:BonbonBox 47 2 Doodle a Day - 124 by BonbonBox Doodle a Day - 124 :iconbonbonbox:BonbonBox 26 2 Inky Demons by VanxllaVixen Inky Demons :iconvanxllavixen:VanxllaVixen 76 5 Bendy The Ink Demon by VanxllaVixen Bendy The Ink Demon :iconvanxllavixen:VanxllaVixen 131 20 Moon Paladin by 7marichan7 Moon Paladin :icon7marichan7:7marichan7 22 8 NiGHTS soaring above the city Twin Seeds by Wither-Willow NiGHTS soaring above the city Twin Seeds :iconwither-willow:Wither-Willow 2 0 Little shiny star by Kirby-Popstar Little shiny star :iconkirby-popstar:Kirby-Popstar 296 13 Snow by Ora-Allagis Snow :iconora-allagis:Ora-Allagis 124 12 Shadria by aoki6311 Shadria :iconaoki6311:aoki6311 3,638 131 Always Root for the Underhog by MauricioAbril Always Root for the Underhog :iconmauricioabril:MauricioAbril 9,806 1,117 oneiric by theultimatenootnoot oneiric :icontheultimatenootnoot:theultimatenootnoot 54 5





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She's D.P, and she draws stuff. Mostly NiGHTS stuff, so if you like NiGHTS, you've come to the right place! Bunny Emoji-32 (Waving) [V2] by Jerikuto

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Sorry for the lack of new content lately--new stuff going up on Friday! :dancedance: 
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Tagged by StarlyteNightmaren--thank you!

Rule #1: Answer the 13 questions the person who tagged gave you, and make your own 13 questions!
Rule #2: You cannot not tag anyone. 
Rule #3: You gotta tag 13 deviants. 
Rule #4: No saying "You're tagged if you're reading this." It kinda shows that you're lonely. 
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#3heart [F2U]

1.) If you could live in a world full of your favorite fictional characters being by your side, would you trade 20 years of your life for the chance to live there for the remainder of your life?

It sounds like it would be a lovely time...but I'm not sure how tight of a schedule I'm on, and 20 years is a lot to gamble!  I might just have to decline--there are things I need to do here before my time is up!

2.) With how polarizing the world is becoming, in your opinion, is morality strictly black and white, or does it have some shades of grey in there?

I guess it depends on the situation and the moral quandary in question.  Some things are more black and white, other things are greyscale.  We need to think carefully about these situations.  As far as ideologies go, I certainly don't like extremist sentiment of any variety, as it tends towards fanaticism, groupthink, and "justified" violence.

3.) How do you treat yourself on a rough day?

A plate of "good shit" (some of the antipasto stuff I keep on hand), some wine with dinner, and a Youtube marathon of my favorite funnypeople.  Ahhhh~

4.) Let's say by chance you found yourself a mystical wishing fountain sprite. She says she will grant you three wishes, but the catch is she can twist one to her own desires. How do you go about your wishes?

As carefully as humanly possible, lol.  This is where my skills as a writer/debater come into play--hyper-precise language with very little wiggle-room or loopholes, yaaaaaas~

5.) Is there any animal you feel a particular connection with? Now is there one that you feel like you would be well-represented by?

Lately I've been really loving deer--they have such soulful eyes, and they always look like they're smiling just a little bit, it's sweet.  As for an animal that would represent me--hmm, probably a bird, a sparrow most likely.  Flying and singing and perching wherever I please!

6.) Look to your upper left. What item is there, and what does it say about you?

There's an Apple sticker on the upper left corner of my DELL monitor.  It means in the war between Apple and Microsoft, I'm not taking sides, teehee :XD:

7.) You can tell a lot about someone by their choices in favorites. Name a favorite character, a favorite song, and a favorite color.

Favorite character: NiGHTS (obviously)
Favorite song: really feeling "Energetic" by Wanna One lately!  I've missed K-pop...
Favorite color: Pink

8.) What is your least favorite holiday? What is the difference between that and your favorite one?

I love holidays, that's a tough one!  As bad as this sounds, though, all Fridays during Lent are stinkers, lol.  (I won't trash-talk Good Friday, though, in spite of the fact that it's a total fasting day.)  They're the polar opposite of my favorite holiday, Christmas, which is all about joy and indulgence and feasting.  PAR-TAYYYY~

9.) Earliest childhood memory?

I remember being on a farm somewhere with my parents.  I'm guessing it was a day trip they took me on?  I remember being in the backseat of our Oldsmobile and seeing fields and dirt roads...

10.) A mysterious figure knocks on your window in the middle of the night. It doesn't appear to be human, or someone in a costume. What do you do?

Catholic litmus test--it better give me a "Viva Jesus" or I'm dousing it in holy water :XD:  (Yes, I do have some on hand.  Some nun friends went on a pilgrimage and brought me back some, how kind of them!)

11.) If life was an MMORPG, what class would you be, and what could be your highest and lowest skills?

I don't know the jargon of MMORPGs very well, but I'd like to be the type that carries an oversized sword plz.

12.) What do you want to accomplish before your time in this life runs out? Do you think you can make it?

I want to be able to make an impact through teaching--and not just in the classroom.  There are important things to be said and shared, and I hope I get the opportunity to say and share them all before it's my time to go~  Hopefully I have enough time (and courage)!

13.) What's your opinion on glitter?


Alrighty, now for thirteen questions of my own!

1) Digital or traditional art, what's your preference?
2) Name three favorite childhood movies.
3) What is a talent you wish you had but don't?
4) Name a song, movie, or TV show people would be surprised to know that you like.
5) If you like videogames, which is more attractive to you--a compelling storyline, or intuitive gameplay?
6) What are some of your favorite scents?
7) Would you rather be able to fly to the heights or swim to the depths?
8) Any favorite documentaries?
9) If you could have a Youtube channel, what sort of content would you post?
10) Think of your favorite teacher(s) from elementary/junior/high school.  What made them so special to you?
11) If you could go on a Ferris Bueller-type escapade for a day, where would you go and what would you do?
12) Favorite pizza toppings?
13) And finally, pick a vacation--beach, mountains, countryside, city?



Have fun!:D

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No problem! And I agree that NiGHTS is a great game for encouragement! I really do hope that they make another NiGHTS game soon. The franchise really does deserve more love and attention. Sometimes, when I'm feeling like my dreams will never come true, I like to play NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, check out some NiGHTS videos, or just look over some fanart to help me feel better. I love NiGHTS very much and hope that others fall in love with it, too.
DP-draws-stuff Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Probably one of the most encouraging games out there!  And it would be sweet to see a NiGHTS 3 at some point :D

Awww, that's really nice!  NiGHTS is an excellent pick-me-up, and such a great character.  It always makes me smile to see people enjoying the franchise so much Heart 
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